The Illinois State Museum's extensive collections can be seen in both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Permanent exhibitions are always available, while temporary exhibitions rotate every few months.

The Mary Ann MacLean Play Museum at ISM Springfield.
The Play Museum is a free children's area at the Illinois State Museum-Springfield. Load a jeep; crawl through a cave; dig for fossils; put together a baby mastodont puzzle; frame art; explore collections of fossils, insects, artifacts; and toys; and play museum!

This companion exhibition to the Robert Middaugh: Machines Inherit the Earth exhibition presents artwork from the Museum’s permanent collection created by friends and contemporaries of Robert Middaugh. This exhibition helps to place Middaugh's work in context with other artistic currents of the later half of the Twentieth Century.
Illinois is home to iconic toy brands and artists who are inspired to create with toys serving as both muse and vessels for memory. This exhibition celebrates assets from the Permanent collection and contemporary working artists