French Peoria and the Illinois Country, 1673-1846


Judith A. Franke

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Popular Science

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Vol. XII
In commemoration of the three-hundredth anniversary of European settlement at Peoria, this book is concerned with the little-known first half of its history-the 150 years in which the Illinois Country was explored and settled by the French. The book is based on the exhibit, The Illinois Country, 1679-1846, produced by Dickson Mounds Museum, that was on view at the museum in 1991, and toured Peoria during its Tricentennial year.Included are profiles of historic figures selected because of the significance of their accomplishments, or because their lives graphically reflect their times. These are Jolliet, Marquette, La Salle, Tonti, Pierre Delliette, Father Gravier, Marie Rouensa, DuSable, Jean-Baptiste Maillet, Louis Chatellereau, Adeline La Croix Chandler, and Louis Buisson. There are short features on the customs and character of the Illinois Indians, Peoria and the American Revolution, the Illinois fur trade, and the archaeological evidence of the French colonial period along the Central Illinois River.

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156 pages, 120 illustrations including 16 color plates, facsimiles of portions of some original documents, and a chronology of events at French Peoria



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