Peoples of the Past: Four Educational Posters Including Facts and Activities About Native Americans in Illinois


Nina R. Walthall, Michael D. Wiant, Robert E. Warren, Jessica L. White

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Learning and Activity Books
Based on the Peoples of the Past exhibition at The Illinois State Museum- Springfield. Four posters describe aspects of past Native American life in Illinois foods, tools, containers, houses, clothing, and transportation. The Archaic Period, The Middle Woodland Period, The Mississippian Period, and The Historic Period.What materials from nature did they use to make their tools and clothing? Did the types of houses they built change according to the seasons? Which plants did they gather, and which ones did they cultivate? How did they prepare these to be eaten? Did they depend upon dugout canoes as a means of transportation or did they always have horses? These questions and many others are answered for "kids of all ages" through this educational poster set that depicts changes in Native American lifestyles over the past 4,000 years.

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Set of four posters (11 x 24 in. each), plus instruction sheet; 4 color illustrations, 63 b/w illustrations



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