Reports of a Living World

September 24, 2021 to March 6, 2022

Artists look to nature for inspiration. Whether in the shapes of leaves or the tangle of roots, patterns and rhythms arise that can catch an artist’s eye. Artists render their impressions of nature to many purposes. Sometimes it is to celebrate nature’s vast richness. Other times it points out the simple beauty of a single specimen. Artists also comment on our relationship with nature—the wild and tamed places we love to visit.

The artworks selected from our collection for this exhibit all relate to the plant and fungi world. These artworks are not meant to be used for identification, like a field guide illustration would do. Instead they report on something else—the rich, complicated, and mysterious nature of all growing things.

Artist included: Deborah Boardman, Judith Brotman, Esther Cheatle, Barbara Crane, Tom Denlinger, Ted Halkin, Harold Haydon, Billy Morrow Jackson, Bertha Jaques, Jackie Kazarian, Dennis Lee Mitchell, Bea Nettles, Melissa Oresky, Ethel Peterson, Tom Petrillo, Tony Phillips, Evelyn Statsinger, Lynn Swigart, Charles Thwaites.

Reports of a Living World is organized by the Art & History Section with assistance from Illinois College intern Caroline Woodward.

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