History and Allegory in Narrative Art

November 14, 2019 to February 16, 2020

Associate Curator of Art based in Chicago, Doug Stapleton brings our next exhibition to us here at ISM Lockport. He has selected twelve unique narrative artists that focus on various depictions of history, fiction and mythology from their individual points of view.

The expression of humanity through allegory is a powerful device for artists to deploy. The work on view in this exhibition underscores the force of an image and the visceral connection that art can form with the viewer.

Featured artists include:
Chicago                   Glencoe
Henry Darger            Nicole Gordon
George Klauba         Springfield
Nancy Plotkin           Stanley Bly
Filemon Santiago      Kevin Veara
Shirley Mann             Urbana
Teresa Pankratz        Billy Morrow Jackson
Geoffrey Smalley      Glen Davies

Please be advised that the content in this exhibition depicts death and acts of violence and war in both a literal and cartoonish manner from a historic and fictional perspective.

George Klauba
  • George Klauba
  • Nicole Gordon
  • Glenn Davies

The Lockport Gallery features rotating exhibitions highlighting the art and visual culture of Illinois.
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