Toy Box-Inspiration Through Play

November 24, 2017 to March 4, 2018

Illinois is home to classic toys such as Radio Flyer, Lincoln Logs and TinkerToys. These, like all toys serve as templates to the imagination for children at both social and cognitive levels of development. For adults, toys are vessels for memory that contain identity, activity, and comfort. For many working artists today, a toy represents a creative opportunity to transform the object into an experience that transcends nostalgia and represents an act of discovery. The artwork featured in this exhibition comes directly from artists working across Illinois. The historic objects presented are highlights from the Illinois State Museum collections.  Combined, they seek to merge the joyous occasion of imagination during play with the nurtured discipline of creating a work of art.

Participating artists include: Ava Grey Design, David Bower, Jan Brandt, Larry Brogan, Mac Blackout, Mary Carnahan, Pattie Chalmers, Kevin Coffey, Christopher Cosnowski, Stacy Lee Gee, Tytia Habing, John Kurtz, Ralph Kyyloe, Jane Labowitch,Sterling Lawrence, Joseph Milosevich, Stuart Pearson, Michael Rea, Robin Monique Rios, Jessica Segal, John Siblik, Geoffrey Todd Smith, Benjamin Stone, Frank Trankina, Ivan Vazquez, Betsy Youngquist.

Objects from the vaults of the ISM Illinois Legacy Collection will also be featured.

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