Dickson Mounds, Lewistown

Eveland Village

Surounding the museum are 230 acres that include a scenic picnic area and playground, and the Eveland Village, where the excavated remains of three early Indian buildings are preserved for viewing during the warmer months. The structures are a round building, a cross-shaped building, and a large rectangular building. The site may have been the primary ceremonial center for other small Mississippian sites in the area around AD 1100. The rest of the museum grounds are open to the public during daylight hours.

Eveland Village.
View of the Cross-shaped house as it was being excavated.

Reflections on Three Worlds

Explore the world of Mississippian people whose 800-year-old sites surround the museum today. The exhibits depict the complex life, society, and culture of these people, trace in detail the evidence of archaeology, and lead to a spectacular multimedia event that takes one through a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, symbols, music and voices of the three worlds of Mississippian belief.

Reflections on Three Worlds Presentation
Reflections on Three Worlds Presentation


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