Six Hundred Generations There: Archaeological and Historical Perspectives on Life at Emiquon The Nature Conservancy and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Properties Fulton County, Illinois


Alan Harn and Sally McClure with contributions by Marjorie B. Schroeder and Bonnie W. Styles

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Reports of Investigations

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No. 57
In 1930, the University of Chicago ushered in a new era of archaeological innovation with their excavations at the Morton site, now a part of the developing Emiquon Preserve and National Wildlife Refuge at the Illinois/Spoon River confluence. Subsequent reconnaissance surveys of these properties have located 29 mortuary sites and 129 habitation areas featuring examples of every prehistoric culture now identified in the region. Twenty-seven archaeological excavations now have been carried out at these locations. The current study combines this corpus of unique information with data from some 850 subsurface excavations and deep sediment cores to assess changes in the land and human cultural development and collapse throughout time.

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