Scientific Papers

Taxonomy of Specimens of the Pennsylvanian-Age Marattialean Fern Psaronius from Ohio and Illinois

Psaronius, a tree fern, was the dominant plant in Late Pennsylvanian coal swamps, comprising as much as 85 to 90 percent of some coals. The first comprehensive review of Psaronius taxonomy is given based upon examination of 136 silicified specimens including several type specimens. Using photographs and drawings, the internal structure and ontogenetic development of various species are illustrated.

Plants, People, and Paleoecology: Biotic Communities and Aboriginal Plant Usage in Illinois

This much-needed, comprehensive, and up-to-date publication is the first that lists edible plants and discusses those plants with potential aboriginal use in Illinois. It is meant as a ready reference on the distribution and use of Midwestern wild or naturalized plants for food, medicines, beverages, tobacco substitutes, dyes, or technological purposes.


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