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Paterns in Paleobotany: Proceedings of a Czech-U.S. Carboniferous Paleobotany Workshop

The collection of papers in this volume stems from the Czech-U.S. Carboniferous Paleobotany Workshop held at the Illinois State Museum in October 1994. The workshop, organized by Dr. Richard Leary, was arranged in cooperation with the Czech Geological Survey. The seven papers range in scope from global patterns of plant diversification to cellular-level studies of fossil plants. The papers provide an introduction to the wide diversity of paleobotanical research.

Joseph N. Nicollet's 1839 Manuscript Maps of the Missouri River and Upper Mississippi Basin

Contained within a portfolio jacket (12"x16") the present atlas contains 88 of Joseph Nicolas Nicollet's field maps. The maps chart the course of Nicollet's 1939 expedition from St. Louis up the Missouri River then an overland trek to the upper reaches of the Mississippi River basin. These detailed maps show major geographical features of the Missouri valley and upper Midwest. This is an important addition to aid us in understanding the changes brought to the river, the land, and the people during this important period of growth and settlement.

FAUNMAP Volumes 1&2

FAUNMAP is an electronic database developed at the Illinois State Museum that documents the late Quaternary distribution of mammal species in the United States. The primary purpose of this database, which includes information from archaeological and paleontological sites, is to investigate the evolution of mammalian communities over the last 40,000 years. Distributions for individual species are plotted on a series of maps.


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