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Clocks from the Hunter Collection

This book is lavishly illustrated with photographs of the rare historical clocks in the Hunter Collection of the Illinois State Museum. Not only is it a guide to this collection, but is a handbook which is useful in the study of ancient timepieces elsewhere and illustrates the development of the art of mechanical time-keeping. Detailed explanations of the mechanisms of each type are included.

Biostratigraphic Studies of the Niagaran Inter-reef Formations in Northeastern Illinois

This is a pioneer study of the ancient inter-reef areas of northeastern Illinois and was written after intensive research both in the field and in the laboratory. Hundreds of specimens of fossil sponges, crinoids, gastropods, trilobites, cephalopods, brachiopods, corals, and bryozoa were collected for the study.

Archaeological Survey and Settlement Pattern Models in Central Illinois

This comprehensive study looks at the factors relating to the distribution of prehistoric Middle and Late Woodland settlements and the changes that took place in the location of these communities in central Illinois through time. Examples of the ceramics and projectile points used to identify sites and place them within the Middle or Late Woodand periods are illustrated.

An Introduction to the Ecology of the Illinois Orchidaceae

As a complement to Wild Orchids of Illinois, this publication is a comprehensive descriptive study of the principal habitats of the wild orchids of Illinois. Included are keys to and taxonomic treatment of Illinois orchid species, species distribution maps, citations of well known references to Illinois orchids, and a general description of the Illinois environment.

A Bibliography of Illinois Archaeology

As the most complete compilation to date of references to Illinois archaeology, this bibliography is an invaluable tool to archaeologists at all levels and in all areas of work. An extensive search for literature on archaeological investigations in Illinois has resulted in this listing of over 3,000 published and unpublished reports, articles, theses, dissertations, and books written between the 1880s and 1983. Organized alphabetically by author, it includes also a cross-listing by county.


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