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Picture Consequence: Barbara Rossi and Evelyn Statsinger

Barbara Rossi (1940-2023) and Evelyn Statsinger (1927-2016) tested the possibilities of depicting the human form through experiments in geometry, pattern, and inventive processes. 

Statsinger and Rossi were contemporaries, separated by thirteen years of age. Both are associated with a loose grouping of artists known as the Chicago Imagists. From the 1950s through the 1980s, these artists used the figure to narrate the human condition with startling, strange images. This 30-plus year period was an exciting, inventive time when friendships and dialogue between artists left an indelible impression on each other and on our state’s art history.

The works featured on our second floor gallery come from two recent gifts: The Evelyn Statsinger Cohen Trust in 2019 and Rossi’s from The Kohler Foundation in 2022. Read more about Picture Consequence on our museum blog.