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Welcome to the Illinois State Museum System

The Illinois State Museum System includes the headquarters museum and ISM-Research & Collections Center both in Springfield with branch sites ISM-Dickson Mounds in Lewistown, ISM-Lockport Gallery in Lockport. 

The Illinois State Museum System inspires exploration of Illinois' past and present to inform and enrich everyday life and to promote stewardship of cultural and natural resources for the future. The Museum's extensive collections and research activities provide the foundation for exhibitions and public programs that tell the story of the land, life, people, and art of Illinois.

What's New . . . 

ISM-Springfield shines a spotlight on Generation X with the opening of its new exhibition: Growing Up X.

Our museum shop offers a range of items that allow visitors to shop with purpose!

The Long View | ISM-Lockport Gallery

On view at ISM-Lockport Gallery, June 9 - October 21, 2023

Wildlife Around Us | ISM-Springfield

People have changed our landscapes and our wildlife neighbors are affected. This exhibit explores these relationships and how we might better co-exist.

Interrupted Journey | ISM-Dickson Mounds

Lloyd’s photographs are filled with compassion, love and sadness for the journeys that are interrupted.

Travel to New Harmony, Indiana to explore its rich history and learn about its connection to the ISM this September 20-22, 2023!

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