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Plan a Field Trip - Step 2: Schedule Your Visit

Please visit our Educator’s Webpage for virtual exhibits, activities, and resources. Our Family Fun Site also offers activities that can be adapted to the classroom.  We also have a variety of online resources designed for K-12 teachers that covers a variety of subjects.

Gather the information about your group and use the contact information below to schedule your trip. Once your trip is scheduled click the “3: Prepare for your Visit” button for additional information.

Gather Information:

  • School name & group grade level(s)
  • Contact information for teacher or leader who will serve as main contact including name, email, phone, and school address
  • Preferred date and time with three alternate dates
  • Number of students & chaperones
  • Trip format: Self-guided, Mary Ann MacLean Play Museum, or guided program – See contact information below based on the trip format
  • Accommodations or special needs your group requires


  • Self-guided Tour
    Self-guided tours are scheduled online through the Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau (SCVB). Visit this link to schedule your trip.